38 Ways to use your Library

  1. Scare yourself with a mystery.
  2. Learn how to lower your taxes.
  3. Reserve a book.
  4. Prepare for your job interview.
  5. Pick up a book on cassette and listen to it in your car as you drive to work.
  6. Read a large-type book without wearing your glasses.
  7. Spruce up the house with the latest books on interior design.
  8. Ride the range with Louis L’Amour or Larry McMurty.
  9. Learn how to take care of your lambs.
  10. Join a book discussion group.
  11. Look up your favorite stock in the Wall Street Journal or on the Internet.
  12. Learn how to plant a drought resistant garden.
  13. Trek to another planet in a Sci-Fi novel.
  14. Learn how to clean ink stains from your rug.
  15. Find out who said, “To err is human, to forgive, divine.” (Did you bet it was Shakespeare? It wasn’t.)
  16. Get some demographic information for a business report you are writing.
  17. Decide which DVD player to buy with the help of consumer guides.
  18. Entertain your preschooler with a book and read-song audiocassette.
  19. Volunteer to help the library.
  20. Ask for information about how to start a business.
  21. Get tax forms and tax filing information.
  22. meet a friend.
  23. Learn how to keep bees.
  24. Maintain your reading skills by participating in the Summer Reading program.
  25. Check out the latest instructional videos on horseback riding.
  26. Learn about our local history. Who actually lived in Fondis?
  27. Bring your child to story  hour.
  28. Study for your GED.
  29. Find your genealogy.
  30. Learn how to knit socks.
  31. Connect with the rest of the world using our high speed Internet access.
  32. Find your ancestors in a guide to local cemeteries.
  33. Ask your librarian to suggest a good book.
  34. Learn how to train your dog.
  35. Find out more about your local community.
  36. Plan a trip to your favorite spot.
  37. Explore a new career.
  38. Sit back and relax by reading  your favorite book.