Library Services

We have over 11,000 books in the library

  • Adult fiction
  • Juvenile fiction
  • Adult non-fiction
  • Juvenile non-fiction
  • Children’s collection
  • Paperbacks: even exchange for paperbacks in good condition
  • Inter-library loan: If we don’t have the book you want, we can get it through inter-library loan.
  • Reference books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Spanish collection
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines

Computers for public use

Reference Services

Reference service and access to the reference collection are available to all library patrons.

Homework/School Assignments
Homework is intended to be a learning experience for the student. The staff will assist the student to find sources and instruct the student in the use of the sources.

Telephone Requests
Telephone and electronic requests for reference service is limited to information that is readily available. If the question cannot be answered within 3-5 minutes, the caller may be asked to come to the library for assistance.

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