Computer & Internet Use Policy

The mission of the Conejos Library District is the realization that the library facilities are essential educational resources for the residents of Conejos County. In response to the recent advances in technology and the changing needs of the community it serves, Conejos Library District now offers information on CD and has access to the Internet for public use. We also have Wi-Fi available for patrons who would like to access the internet using their own laptops.

The library’s computers have some Internet filters and some control over the information accessed through the Internet. It is the individual user’s responsibility to use the resources wisely.

  1. No chat lines allowed.
  2. You will need a current Conejos Library District card to use the computer.
  3. You may sign up to use the computer for one hour at a time.
  4. A printer is provided for Internet use .25 per page printed (black & white) or .75 cents per page printed in color. You must pay for all pages printed, so hit the print button carefully!
  5. All users of the computers are expected to use reasonable care of the computers. Misuse will result in loss of privileges.
  6. Absolutely no pornography.

The library’s Internet connection may be periodically and temporarily inoperable due to technology difficulties. Report any problems immediately.

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