Mission Statement and Goals

By developing and providing a rich mix of cultural and informational services responsive to the residents’ needs, the Conejos Library District supports the educational, social, and economic development of the community.

In order to fulfill this mission, the library’s long range goals shall be:

  1. To select, organize, and make accessible to the people of Conejos County printed and other materials that will contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, to formal education and to informal self-education, to the profitable and pleasurable use of leisure time, and to the general enrichment of life.
  2. To include in the collection all appropriate media through which ideas or experiences are provided for furthering understanding of the present and knowledge of the past. The collection is designed for the needs of accepted standards of quality and value, representing different points of view and styles of writing. It follows the policy of the FREEDOM TO READ statement of the American Library Association, which has been adopted as a guide by the Board of Library Trustees of the Conejos Library District.
  3. To further enlarge the usefulness of the library by providing reader’s advisory information and reference services, and by making known the library’s resources through various activities within and outside the library.
  4. To provide adequate and efficient physical facilities where books and other materials may be used and enjoyed in a pleasant and comfortable environment.
  5. To be closely identified as an institution in terms of staff involvement with the educational, cultural, and civic life of the community.
  6. To provide access to the universe of information and to make as much of this universe, as of immediate relevance and interest, accessible to the community it serves within the financial capabilities of the library.

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